Friday, April 11, 2008

Referral and updated pictures

When we first received our referral on 7/5/07, we were told not to post her pictures on our blog. So I am posting them now so that they will be a part of this blog. I plan on printing it out.

This pictures was taken on 5/29/07, at Emelia's medical. The below pictures were taken on 7/1/07, days before our referral.

These next pictures were taken by a fellow adopting mother who was able to take pictures of Emelia for us when she was picking up her daughter on 7/11/07.

This picture includes one of her caretakers.

This was an updated picture of Emelia sent to us on 9/7/07.

Scroll down for updated pictures and video. I'm not sure why it's posting so far down the page.
You can see how much Emelia has changed since the above pictures were taken. She is almost 11 months old and is such a joy.